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Energy Harvesting ... Powering sensors in the future.

Energy harvesting is a promising technology with the potential to revolutionise the way we power small, wireless devices. As technology continues to develop, energy harvesting is likely to become a more common and affordable way to power our devices.

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Data Analytics and Reporting

We fundamentally believe the true power of deploying sensors and collecting the data is to understand that small changes can have a significant impact.

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IoT Wider context and Smart Places

Real-time data from our extensive range of cost-effective IoT Sensors can be presented in many formats, integrated into Building Management systems, & Data Visualisation Products or through bespoke Dashboards

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Smart Lighting - New Regs Newsletter

Changes to lighting regulations and new requirements for lighting controls In June 2022, new requirements outlined in the 2021 edition of Part L Building Regulations came into effect in England.

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Building Intelligence for ESG

Remote monitoring and targeted intervention enable you to remotely manage and monitor your buildings, plant rooms, and processes, providing a clear and up-to-date view 24/7. 

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