Data Centre Infrastructure Management


dnEnviro and Inferrix UK offer a fully integrated DCIM/DCIoT solution that ensures complete control of all IT & OT assets across the complete Data Centre estate. The state of the art technical capability of our product set, coupled with our unique pre-integrated deployment approach, ensures faster implementation – short time to market and reduced risk. This is all done while ensuring that the Data Centres carbon footprint is kept in check.

The Data Centre is the nerve centre, where the majority of critical assets that drive 'Business Operations’ reside. Unplanned Service interruptions can cause significant ‘Business Impact’, ‘Revenue Loss’ and 'Increased Operational Costs', as well as impact on the organisations reputation.

Enterprises are increasingly keen to centralise the management of their entire DC/ Server/ NOC assets & make them sustainable / reduce carbon footprint - to ensure all IT & OT assets that impact the IT teams’ service level commitments to their business team are proactively managed in real-time, with ubiquitous secure access and with optimal energy usage.


Allows you to:
  • Get an Integrated view of all the Non IT Infrastructure equipment in the Data Centre.
  • Proactively Manage Fault & Performance.
  • Centralised Management of all Non IT Infrastructure across Data Centres.
  • Co-relate performance between Asset Classes in line with Business Demand.
  • Provide Business Dashboards in line with your Business specific Process Views.
  • Understand & Manage the Energy Usage / Carbon Footprint of your Data Centre.
  • Reduce Embedded Carbon by using a Full Wireless Product Stack.


The integrated reporting module enables the DC management teams to generate and auto configure delivery of performance report in configurable frequencies.

  • Rack Load Management and Capacity Planning
  • Temperature and Humidity profile and average levels in a week
  • PUE and DCiE trend over a week / month year
  • Fault trends device wise
  • Energy consumption reports
  • Weekly operational hours report of the DG sets


Holistic management of all the assets in a Data Centre:

  • Building/Facility Equipment: HVAC, PAC, FDS, RRD, VESDA & WLD.
  • Physical Security infrastructure: Access Control & CCTV.
  • Energy Equipment: Energy Meter, LT Panel, Rack Power, PDU, DG & UPS