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  1. Future-proofed telecoms at the lowest cost
  2. Safe, secure, smart monitored environments
  3. Immersive real-time visualisation for design, control 
  4. Machine learning supported automation, optimisation 
  5. Data-driven analytics to support ESG, EPC & Net Zero goals

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Future Proofed Fibre Installation

An integrated Smart Places solution supports the design, construction and operation of a single structure, campus facility, business park or urban area

Networked Smart Systems

An immersive 3D environment used to secure investors then becomes a ‘digital twin’ for use in design, construction, building fit-out and operational control

Immersive Real-Time Environments

The ‘digital twin’ sits at the heart of an operational site’s smart, multi-layered facilities management system


Stakeholders are increasingly informing their decisions based on ESG (environmental, social and governance) credentials and  Investors are favouring businesses with robust ESG frameworks and clear net zero and sustainability goals.

Commercial property owners will be expected to achieve a minimum Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of at least C, if not B, by 1 April 2030 for their portfolios, as well as being required to comply with more stringent inspections of heating and air conditioning systems. 

Property owners and occupiers can expect the energy efficiency of buildings to become more closely scrutinised in next few months and years and with rising energy costs, there is an additional incentive to act now.

Smart Places can improve your energy efficiency and EPC rating and save you money; making your buildings more attractive for investors, operators and your workforce.


Digital Twin

Explore every aspect of the real-time virtual model of your development long before it exists in physical form, to identify errors, omissions and potential savings.

High-Speed Communications

We pair an onsite private fibre network offering essentially limitless capacity with high-speed connectivity from a combination of providers.

This future-proofs your communications and provides a platform for selling communications services to your tenants and clients.

Smart Systems

We embed smart sensors to gather data that drives efficiencies, improves safety and reduces costs, delivering business intelligence, automation, smart analytics and predictive analysis through data science.


Smart Systems

Sensors monitor systems, building and environmental health and make adjustments to increase efficiency and prolong the life of valuable assets. Early fault diagnosis improves operational efficiency, reduces maintenance costs and delivers a better working environment

Live Dynamic Monitoring

The digital twin lies at the heart of everything and is used to control every aspect of facility management, dramatically reducing associated costs.

Comprehensive Support

We provide first line telephone and online support and onsite support, including spares. A programme of periodic preventative maintenance scheduled in accordance with data provided by system sensors prolongs the life of your development.


Artificial Intelligence

Accumulated system data fed to a machine learning model produces detailed analytics and learns about a system’s behaviour to make improvements and drive further savings.

From this base, look to expand the use of machine learning further, connecting facilities management to business operations to their mutual benefit.

Systems optimisation savings contribute significantly to hitting ESG targets and achieving carbon neutrality. This can only benefit relations with local authorities and neighbouring developments to your benefit.


Wellbeing and job satisfaction are more important than ever. Staff and contractors work more effectively in a healthier environment, one that is tuned to their needs. A Smart Places system is comprehensive, accessible, easy to understand and allows users to work together in teams, sharing decisions and responsibility.

Environmental, Social, Governance. ESG

Smart systems make spaces safer, more secure, easier to navigate and reduce a site’s overall carbon footprint; working towards Net Zero. Smart developments attract green subsidies, grants, loans & particularly, environmentally-aware investors. A smart green development, demonstrating a strong social conscience is a good neighbour and a valued member of the local community.


Using ML* to improve site performance 
  • systems gather data and learn from our behaviour 
  • accumulated data is used to improve operations 
  • smart lighting systems become even smarter 
  • artificial intelligence introduces new possibilities 
  • site safety and security are significantly enhanced 
  • incremental savings on energy consumption 
  • improved management of waste, space and time 
*machine learning

We are Smart

Smart Systems

  • enabling infrastructure automation

  • monitor utilities, spaces, assets, physical subsystems, environments, boundaries

  • provides peace of mind and can be used to negotiate reduced insurance premiums

Fibre Infrastructure

  • future-ready for all foreseeable requirements

  • can be a profit centre through sales of services to tenants and clients

  • fanatical levels of security come as standard

  • acts as a high-speed, high-capacity gateway to the third-party providers you would expect

Digital Twin

  • much, much more than a fancy CAD tool

  • users inhabit and navigate a highly detailed model of the real environment

  • also streamlines important business functions such as procurement, scheduling, resourcing and cost control

Bespoke services for the broadcast and media industry.

  • Comprising a group of collaborative experts, designed to articulate and provide end-to-end solutions to media supply chain problems, quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Network-centric professional services 

  • Enterprise Networking
  • Software Development
  • Managed Service
  • Infrastructure Services

Access to the right information, in the right format at the right time

  • smart lighting and energy monitoring
  • self-communicating wireless mesh sensors   
  • real-time analysis and reporting  
  • cleaning cycles, usage patterns 
  • indoor air quality and environmental monitoring
  • Improves wellbeing
  • monitors people flow 
  • building integrity and asset condition monitoring

Immersive Real-time 3D Visualisation Highly detailed, compelling and amazingly useful

  • satisfy investors, impress local authorities 
  • create a single, definitive view of a project 
  • unify design, construction, logistics, operations 
  • facilitate collaborative, team-based decision-making 
  • simplify all kinds of acceptance and sign-off 
  • empower staff and contractors to be more effective 
  • ensure a site is safe, environmentally friendly

Fibre Optics and Wireless Communications - Essential business tools, not luxuries

  • integrated dark fibre
  • single seamless, site-wide LAN
  • access to cloud infrastructure
  • access to wireless and cellular systems
  • solutions design and implementation
  • comprehensive service and support
  • emergency repair and escalation

Network and Infrastructure Services

  • wireless, Enterprise Networking, Unified Comms, Security, DC & Cloud, Network Design
  • software Development including (Blockchain and API integration) 
  • managed Services 24/7 UK desk for LAN/WAN 
  • troubleshooting, L1-3, Vendor Management
  • infrastructure Services