•  Delivering information for accurate decision making.
  •  Automated alerts for target maintenance & cleaning.
  •  Reducing the cost of service failure.


Estate Eye, provide powerful business insights using custom built solutions combining quality hardware and software to meet the needs of today’s agile businesses.

Our solutions bring together a vast range of sensors combined with information services (both internal and external) and can be viewed via powerful dashboard and reporting services that are available on all devices.

Buildings Made Smart


  • Energy monitoring and management
  • Smart Lighting controls and efficient energy utilisation
  • Environmental controls linking to building automation, HVAC management
    • Air Quality including CO2, TVOC, Heat and Humidity, Particle size
    • Proximity and People Count
    • Noise, Light, Flood
  • Smart Washrooms
    • Water Activity Monitoring, Sinks, Toilets
    • Air Quality, Odour
    • Flood Alerts
    • People Count/Usage, Alerts for cleaning crews
  • Safe Zone
    • Careful management to control the number of people in public areas and confined spaces such as washrooms, kitchens and meeting rooms
  • Smart Buildings
    • Condition Monitoring of the structure of the building
    • Water Ingress, damp, humidity

Estate Eye has a long history within IT and the Commercial Property sector, you can be assured that your project is in the right hands.

We help you identify and quantify risk, by integrating sensors with data, to deliver essential information, visualisations, and timely alerts.

  • Shared business intelligence and business analytics content throughout the entire organisation.
  • Can be customised to individual needs/responsibilities.
  • Accurate analytics and predictive monitoring, and rapid identification of problem areas and timely alerts/escalation.
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The cleanliness of 'Washrooms' significantly impacts customer / employee comfort & experience, which in turn has a direct bearing on the success of a business & on employee motivation, wellbeing, and health.

We are transforming the way 'Washrooms' are monitored and maintained, using an array of sensors that are deployed across the 'Washroom'. The Inferrix sensors enable real-time / on-demand 'Washroom' cleaning that ensures high user satisfaction, while at the same time optimising overall costs. This is attained through a reduction of management oversight, monitoring of cleaning cycles, traffic balancing across multiple washrooms, cleaning on-demand that is based on usage patterns.


SAFE ZONE is an infrastructure free, self-configuring, energy efficient product to monitor the count of people coming in or going out at entrances & exits of Supermarkets, Retail Stores, Washrooms, Public Transport, Meeting Room or any Building in general.

Anonymous Data from these sensors have wide applicability across a range of use cases - 'Business Planning, Energy Optimisation, Space Utilisation, Security, Washroom Usage', to name a few.

SAFE ZONE is based on the TOF, 'Time of Flight' technology, the most accurate automated people counting technology that is unaffected by changes in light, humidity or temperature, so no cameras and no personal information captured. The SAFE ZONE Sensor is one of the fastest miniature TOF sensors on the market with built in intelligence that eliminates most common false positive scenarios.

SAFE ZONE sends information to the Gateway or any other Inferrix Controller (for instance the Inferrix Lighting Controller to Switch On/Off lights).

Our innovative ranges of sensors are - STICK/CLAMP/START - self-powered (except as highlighted) and self-communicating, they do not need any network (LAN or WI-FI) in the customer premises.

Our Covid-19 Monitoring solution SAFE ZONE can seamlessly be extended into WASH ZONE, to monitor any other aspects of the Washroom to maintain the highest levels of hygiene and to ensure that overall cost of maintenance is reduced in line with expected fall in traffic.