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Press Release ...September 2022

Digital Twins, Fibre deployment with full service delivery and Sensors, controllers, mesh network, gateway, device management, analytics and reporting. Helping our clients work towards their net zero goals.

Collaborative partnership ... between Glide, Mondatum and dnEnviro.

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Press Release ... April 2022
ESTATE EYE Now brought into the dnEnviro Group

Estate Eye has been acquired and retained as a brand within dnEnviro Technologies, providing real-time data from our extensive range of cost-effective IoT Sensors and Gateways. Information can be presented in many formats, integrated into Building Management systems, and Data Visualisation Products or through bespoke Dashboards,  honed to meet individual needs depending on responsibilities, from detailed views for a building manager, to aggregated high level views across a portfolio or estate.
Building Intelligence, an end-to-end solution
Delivering information essential for accurate evidence-based ethical decision making, effective planning and asset management