Indoor Air Quality & Long Term Real-Time Monitoring Solutions

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is measured by room Temperature, Relative humidity % & CO2 with other parameters like TVOC starting to become more popular

Studies have shown how poor air quality can lead to excessive fatigue, poor concentration & even health issues; However good IAQ leads to increased productivity

IAQ measurement helps us regularly report to the facility managers at the buildings & property portfolios that we manage to ensure that the HVAC systems are working properly

Protect your Staff, Your Image & Budget

CLEAN AIR is a healthy business environment, but running your HVAC plant on 100% fresh air could be a costly exercise, IAQ and Data Acquisition solutions can help to keep costs down

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in commercial environments has become a major issue throughout the world since the wake of the pandemic, which has raised occupant awareness & the demand by those occupants for evidence that the air in their workplace is clean & is now driving legislation and is seen as an important ESG Driver.

Poor standards of IAQ can result in:

  • reduced productivity
  • low morale amongst staff
  • negative publicity
  • increased absenteeism
  • increased maintenance costs
  • the threat of litigation