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Remote monitoring and targeted intervention enable you to remotely manage and monitor your buildings, and processes, providing a clear and up-to-date view 24/7.

Separate views or Dashboards can be provided for immediate notification and action on the spot to rectify any potential issues before they escalate to problems, or to provide executive oversight of your estate's portfolio. 

Advanced communications technology aggregates data from a range of wireless sensors within your buildings and operational environments, without having to rely on costly scheduled maintenance visits or input errors on data entry ... giving you back control.  It also does not require expensive cabling to install. Most of our sensors are Self – Communicating (Wireless Mesh) enabled and will seamlessly connect with Gateways, without requiring any IP/Connectivity. The Gateway will then seamlessly connect with any Platform on standard protocols such as REST APIs or MQTT, over LAN / Wi-Fi

Actions become proactive and predictive rather than reactive and expensive.

We continue to develop our range of low-cost sensors, communications, and software that will collect data, and convert that into timely information, to improve your knowledge of your systems. ensuring that the right person gets the right view at the right time, on a range of devices, allowing you to take appropriate and timely action.

We will work with you to control who sees what, permissions, sharing, privacy settings, and of utmost importance, security.

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