IoT Wider context and Smart Places

Real-time data from our extensive range of cost-effective IoT Sensors can be presented in many formats, integrated into Building Management systems, & Data Visualisation Products or through bespoke Dashboards which can be honed to meet individual needs depending on responsibilities, from detailed views for a building manager to aggregated high-level views across a portfolio or estate. 

From the CEO to business analysts, field-based staff, suppliers, and partners, everybody needs access to the right information, in the right format at the right time  

Proactive & Predictive vs Reactive & Expensive

Building Intelligence for Decision Makers ... Meeting the needs of ESG Reporting, Ethical Data and Sustainability Management 

•     forms part of any modern health and safety strategy

•     self-communicating wireless mesh sensors

•     real-time site fabric, asset, and utility monitoring

•     geared to achieving energy savings and efficiencies

•     real-time analysis and reporting

•     environmental, sustainability & wellbeing

•     cleaning cycles, usage patterns

•     indoor air quality

•     people flow

•     condition monitoring

•     building integrity 

Monitor - Communicate - Action

We help you identify & quantify risk, by integrating IoT sensors with data to deliver essential information, visualisations & timely alerts. Supporting evidence-based decision-making for asset management & ethics-based ESG Reporting. You control who sees what, sharing, privacy settings, & security

Stick - Clamp - Start  

Sensors can be added or deleted, and the network automatically re-configures without any break in coverage. Each sensor in the mesh network relays information and acts as a router to ensure the information reaches the final destination.

Smart Lighting

Our Smart Lighting Platform coupled with Smart LED Drivers & Controllers offers a lighting management solution for both Indoor & Outdoor Lights that covers detailed LED level management capabilities. Central management software allows dimming schedules, automatic ID & report of lamp failures, real-time control, automatic measurement of energy use, & much more. 

Energy Monitoring 

Our Power Sensors are infrastructure-free, self-configuring energy-efficient products to monitor equipment usage for multiple business applications. Available in 2 versions, 1 with an external 220V supply with battery backup, and the other has an independent 3.6V lithium battery-operated sensor. Sensor deployment is very quick as it needs no messy cables or Wi-Fi network. 


Occupancy/People Counting 

Our People Count Sensor is based on the TOF, ‘Time of Flight' technology, the most accurate automated & anonymised people counting technology that is unaffected by changes in light, humidity, or temperature. Our People Count Sensor is one of the fastest miniature TOF sensors on the market with built-in intelligence that eliminates the most common false positive scenarios.

Indoor Air Quality & Long-term Real-time Monitoring

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is measured by room Temperature, Relative humidity % & CO2 with other parameters like TVOC starting to become more popular. Studies have shown how poor air quality can lead to excessive fatigue, poor concentration & even health issues; However good IAQ leads to increased productivity.  

IAQ measurement helps us regularly report to the facility managers at the buildings & property portfolios that we manage to ensure that the HVAC systems are working properly

Temperature & Humidity Sensors (THS) 

Our sensors are typically infrastructure-free, self–configuring, and energy-efficient products specifically developed to monitor environmental conditions or equipment status for multiple business applications. 

The temperature & humidity sensor uses a thermistor for accurate temperature measurement and measures relative humidity & dew point. Sensor deployment is very quick, as it needs no external power and no messy cables or Wi-Fi network. The sensors create their own mesh network. All you need to do is turn the sensors on and the mesh network is ready to go.

Water Leak Detection (WLD)

The WLD Sensor is an infrastructure-free, self–configuring, energy-efficient product to monitor water leakage & water ingress across multiple business applications. Sensor deployment is very quick, as it needs no external power and no messy cables or Wi-Fi network. 

Our WLD Sensor has a unique “E” shaped water-sensitive mesh at the base and a provision for a water leak detection rope at one end. The Sensor can generically be adapted to work with any other kind of liquid leakage detection, for instance, Oil Leakage. 

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