Buildings made Safe



Buildings Made Safe

Enabling staff and visitors to make safe and informed decisions.

  •  Limiting and clearly communicating occupancy levels.
  •  Avoid crowding and pinch points.
  •  Real-time and anonymous monitoring.

Buildings Made Smart

Evidence based decisions for asset management.

  •  Delivering information for accurate decision making.
  •  Automated alerts for target maintenance & cleaning.
  •  Reducing the cost of service failure.

Making Your Buildings Safe for Visitors

In the current COVID-19 crisis building and facility managers need to provide an environment that enables employees, visitors and the public the ability to follow social distancing guidelines and feel safe. Careful management to control the number of people in public areas and confined spaces such as washrooms, kitchens and meeting rooms will help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

To help with social distancing Estate Eye are offering a very simple solution which delivers a reliable and cost-effective way to inform people if it is safe* to enter a washroom. (*Based on current Social Distancing Guidelines and room capacity as designated by the facility's operators). Our Sensors coupled with LED Lights or Video at the Washroom Door signal when it is appropriate to use a Washroom. We can further monitor compliance, through a connected solution.

  • Ideal for use in other communal spaces like kitchens or meeting rooms
  • With our monitoring solution, people will always know if it is safe* to enter a room
  • Smart. Simple: Wireless Mesh. No Client network needed. Installation in hours
  • Cost-effective standalone solution available
  • Infractions can be monitored with our connected solutions.

Ensuring Privacy

SAFE ZONE is based on the TOF, 'Time of Flight' technology, the most accurate automated people counting technology that is unaffected by changes in light, humidity or temperature, so no cameras and no personal information captured.

Anonymous Data from these sensors have wide applicability across a range of use cases - 'Business Planning, Energy Optimisation, Space Utilisation, Security, Washroom Usage', to name a few.

SAFE ZONE is self-communicating and creates an autonomous mesh network. The deployment of the sensor is almost cable free can be done rapidly. Each sensor in the mesh network relays information and acts as a router to ensure that the information reaches the final destination.

  • Count data using SAFE ZONE contains no identifiable information
  • Individual privacy and secure data are at the forefront of our ethos
  • Clear unambiguous alerts and reporting

Building Intelligence - Information At Every Level

The journey of sensors and alerts goes well beyond solving immediate problems or short-term potential issues. Here at Estate Eye we have a team dedicated to using data collected from our sensors for long term benefit.

Business Intelligence, Smart analytics, Predictive analysis and Data Science are some of the other terms associated with our analytics department. The department strives to provide our customers with better understanding and deeper value for their investment in the sensor technology Estate Eye offers.

Whether looking for better people flow, better environmental controls, better wellbeing, each of our customers circumstances will be different, but, the data science remains the same. Exposing models, ideas and solutions that normal data views hide.

The Data Science Process

  •  Step 1: Rapid identification of problem areas
  •  Step 2: Escalation of Actions and Alerts
  •  Step 3: Share information to relevent personnel
  •  Step 4: Analytics and Predictive monitoring
  •  Step 5: Expose new information and insights.