Remote monitoring and targeted intervention enable you to remotely manage and monitor your buildings, and processes, providing you with clear and up-to-date information 24/7.

Three Key Drivers are:

  • Compliance … Legionella Control
    • Usage … every tap, drain, WC and urinal
    • Temperatures, Hot and Cold, Min/Max
    • Identification of Virtual Dead Legs
  • Operational … Targeted and timely maintenance/intervention
    • Potential to shape future service delivery and resource planning, saving time and resources
  • Building integrity and condition
    • Flood
    • Moisture/Humidity
    • Also Monitoring Empty Buildings

Timely Alerts, separate views or Dashboards can be provided for immediate notification and action on the spot to rectify any potential issues before they escalate, or to provide executive oversight of your estate's portfolio.

Advanced communications technology aggregates data from a range of sensors within your buildings, without having to rely on costly scheduled maintenance visits, or input error on data entry ... giving you back control.

Actions become proactive and predictive rather than reactive and expensive.

We have developed a range of low-cost sensors, communications protocols, dashboards and timely alerts to improve knowledge of your building systems, ensuring the right person gets the right information at the right time, (on a range of devices; desktop, tablet, mobile phone), allowing you to take appropriate and timely action.

We will work with you to control who sees what, sharing, privacy settings, & security.

We help you identify and quantify risk, by integrating sensors with data, to deliver essential information, visualisations and timely alerts.

  • Shared business intelligence & business analytics content throughout the entire organisation.
  • Can be customised to individual needs/responsibilities.
  • Accurate analytics & predictive monitoring.
  • Rapid identification of problem areas and  timely alerts/escalation.


Solution Benefits
  • Easy to retrofit: Rapid installation
  • Sensors are surface mounted: Non-invasive
  • Best of both worlds wireless/wired solution
  • Automated alerts for targeted maintenance/compliance
  • Monitors frequency of use and temperatures, 24/7
  • Accurate reporting
  • Supporting evidence based decision making
  • Hot water, minimum and maximum
  • Cold water, minimum and maximum
  • Waste activation for basins, WCs, urinals, showers, baths
  • Ambient temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Flood/leak

Water Management: Hub

  • Measurement data is continuously sent via the Mitagate network, (wireless or connected), processed and then displayed via a clear and easy to read dashboard.
  • Automated alerts of any conditions that may need to be addressed.
  • Sensor heartbeat, maintaining the health of the system.


Water Management Sensors: Thermal

  • Easy to fit hot and cold pipe sensors clip on to any water pipe from 8mm to 22mm diameter. 
  • Ambient temperature and humidity level is also reported, (in conjunction with the Node).

Water Management Sensors: Flood/Leak

  • An optional water leak sensor can be connected to each node.
  • Alarm alert for detection of water leaking and flooding.
  • Check cleaning cycles of floors.

Water Management: Node

  • 24/7 measurement of any sink, toilet, shower or other plumbing appliance.
  • Robust, reliable and maintenance free single cable interface that also supplies power to each node sensor.
    • Node powered by the Hub, so no batteries to worry about.

  • Checks both thermal conditions and activity of water flow in plumbing, waste and especially dead-leg installations such as sinks as well as humidity levels.

Water Management Sensors: Waste Water Activity

  • Waste water sensor can be fitted to drain any standard drain plumbing from 20mm - 120mm soil pipes.
  • Will monitor and report when waste water is used/flows in sinks, showers, toilets, urinals and other appliances.
  • Can report blockages, flow and intermittent leaking of waste systems - such as leaking urinal or toilet flush.

  • Building Intelligence, an end to end solution
  • Delivering information essential for accurate evidence-based decision making, effective planning and asset management
  • Automated alerts for targeted maintenance, saving time and money
  • Reduced cost of failure, service and maintenance

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