Analytics and Reporting

Information At Every Level

The journey of sensors and alerts goes well beyond solving immediate problems or short-term potential issues. Here at dnEnviro, we have a team dedicated to using data collected from our sensors for long term benefit.

Business Intelligence, Smart Analytics, Predictive analysis and Data Science are some of the other terms associated with our analytics department. The department strives to provide our customers with a better understanding and deeper value for their investment in the sensor technology dnEnviro offers.

Whether looking for better people flow, better environmental controls, or better wellbeing, each of our customer's circumstances will be different, but the data science remains the same. Exposing models, ideas and solutions that normal data views hide.

The Data Science Process

  1. Rapid identification of problem areas
  2. Escalation of Actions and Alerts
  3. Share information with relevant personnel
  4. Analytics and Predictive monitoring
  5. Expose new information and insights.

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