A Cost Effective, Efficient & Scalable–Smart Lighting Solution

Globally, lighting represents more than 20% of the total electricity consumption. Growing energy bills and the need to reduce CO2 emission pushes government bodies and customers across various sectors to continuously explore innovative IoT solutions to bring down operations expenditure and energy consumption.

Intelligent lighting, both indoor and outdoor, will play a nodal role in supporting current and future IoT solutions, both in commercial enterprises and smart city environments. It is therefore imperative to upgrade the existing lighting infrastructure to an efficient, networked and intelligent lighting system.

The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) paves the way for smarter solutions that deliver efficient lighting while also ensuring optimal energy consumption.

Our Smart Lighting Platform from Inferrix offers a lighting management solution for both Indoor and Outdoor Lights that covers detailed LED level management capabilities. This is the central management software that allows dimming schedules, automatic identification and report of lamp failures, real-time control, automatic measurement of energy consumption, and much more.

Our Inferrix Platform is built on the leading wireless protocol provided by Wirepas allowing rapid installation and deployment in a building with minimum disruption to new and existing buildings.

The Platform connects to our own sensors, as well as other third-party sensors and cameras, to provide data that is seamlessly transferred to the cloud and presented in our smart platform for Facility Management and building owners to understand their buildings better. If you already have an existing BMS platform, the Inferrix Platform can transfer the data to be represented on your BMS of choice. 

The wide range of sensors allows you to monitor the environment but also connect to building services, such as lighting and HVAC, to turn them on or off, or dim the lighting, depending on the conditions within the building space.

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