ONEFLOW offer Ultrasonic Flow & Energy Meters, delivering industry leading performance & useable hard data with an exciting range of hand held and wall mounted flowmeters in a modern & cost effective package.

ONEFLOW Technologies have delivered an exciting new range of industry leading, high performance Clamp-on Flowmeters. The new 400 range includes two new hand held meters, and a wall mounted version, designed for a more permanent installation.

The all new ONEFLOW 400 Series Ultrasonic Flowmeters are designed to measure liquid flows, the non invasive clamp-on rails and sensors are easy to fit, and can be used on most pipes from 13mm up.

Robust and highly accurate, with applications in a wide variety of industries and applications.

Currently used in these industries:

  • Water supply and treatment
  • Facilities management/building services
  • Energy management/audits
  • Chemical, oil, gas and pharmaceuticals
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Marine and shipping
  • Food, drink and leisure industries

Applications include:

  • Energy audits/heat loss
  • HVAC system installations and audits
  • Leak detection
  • Liquid metering
  • Testing and calibration of equipment and installs
  • Hydraulic systems testing
  • Hydraulic systems maintenance

For more information on the ONEFLOW 400 Series of innovative Ultrasonic Flowmeters, including the new Wall Mounted, ONEFLOW 400WM and Ruggedised ONEFLOW 400 RPF, or if you wish to book a demonstration or are interested in becoming a distributor, please get in touch: ... ... +44 (0)1392 829926

See the full ONEFLOW 400 range, comprising the Portable PF, the Ruggedised RPF, and the Wall Mounted WM.