400-WM Wall Mounted Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flowmeter

If you need your meter to clamp on to a pipe and be secure on a wall mount then the 400 WM Ultrasonic Flowmeter is perfect for the job.

  • High Accuracy Correlation Transit-time Digital Signal Processing designed for single phase uniform flows
  • 3 sensors available to measure from 13mm to several metre pipes
  • Optional thickness gauge & dual temperature sensors for differential temperature measurement Energy flow.
  • USB Port – Great connectivity
  • IP68 Sensors, IP65 Main unit
  • LED Backlit display, non-corrosion materials used throughout
  • Two year warranty as standard
  • Shown with standard permanent rail and sensors
  • If you need a wall mounted solution, the 400-WM is great high performance ultrasonic flowmeter.
  • Cables prepared for quick installation
  • Battery back up in case of mains failure* (can be omitted if required)
  • Designed and made in the UK

The flowmeter is shipped with a pair of sensors to meet your needs, the appropriate clamping rail, couplant, 5m tape measure, bubble level, USB Stick (with documentation).

For more information on the ONEFLOW 400 Series of innovative Ultrasonic Flowmeters, including the new Wall Mounted, ONEFLOW 400WM and Ruggedised ONEFLOW 400 RPF, or if you wish to book a demonstration or are interested in becoming a distributor, please ... get in touch:

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