The INNOWATECH AQUADRON manufactures a biocide. It can be installed at your site, where it will produce a very efficient and cost effective biocide, 24 hours a day.

The Aquadron has uses in many industries, the main markets that use the Aquadron are - 

  • Water Treatment - The Aquadron is used to treat mains and borehole water to ensure that the microbiological conditions remain safe.
  • Legionella and Pseudomonas Control - The Aquadron is used to treat water to protect against  Legionella at around 350 sites.  The system can be used on hot and cold water and doses the water and treats all the way through to the outlet.
  • Beverage Production - Around 50 bottling plants use the Aquadron to make a biocide that feeds the CIP, disinfects bottles and caps, disinfects the filler cabinet and treats the water used to make the beverage.
  • Food Production - The Aquadron is used for a range of disinfection activities in the food industry,  from the provision of microbial safe water and hygienic ice production to product decontamination (vegetables, salads, fish and meat products).
  • Agriculture - The system is used at farms for livestock treatments (digital dermatitis, mastitis), provision of microbially safe water, disinfection of stalls and sheds, treatment of plants and to prevent biofilm clogging in watering systems.

Clicking the button above will take you to the Aquadron Website, where you can input your own data to determine likely energy savings using Aquadron. 

This calculator will tell you how much it costs you to maintain your water temperature at a certain level in a circulating water system. The calculator assesses the amount of energy that is used to replace the energy that is lost in circulating the water.  The water temperatures and the flow rate can easily be measured, or an assumption of flow rate can be made based on the pump specification (see below for tips).


Pseudomonas Aeruginosa is a bacteria that has a strong resistance to antibiotics. The bacteria can be found everywhere, where conditions are wet and there is enough oxygen (wash basins, toilets, bathrooms, breathing devices, incubators, even armpits). Pseudomonas has the ability to adapt to difficult surrounding conditions and to thrive there. Pseudomonas is able to populate locations in which nutrients are too scarce to allow other bacteria to survive. Pseudomonas exhibits optimal growth at 37°C, but grows at a broad temperature range of 4°C to 42°C.  Due to scald risks taps are not constantly subject to high temperatures and thus Pseudomonas has been shown to survive and colonise these areas.

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Aquadron units are used all over the world. At present there are around 50 providing the highest levels of hygiene at bottling sites and 350 that are preventing Legionella on large Legionella-prone water systems.

Many Aquadron users are ready to report about their own experience with the Aquadron. You are welcome to contact some of our references who use the Aquadron in hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, food and drink production, swimming pools and agricultural settings. Please take a look at some examples by selecting the appropriate application field to the right.


The Aquadron produces a biocide called Innowatech Anolyte (Anolyte), this has a very high and very quick kill rate, see Anolyte testing.

Anolyte is a very pure pH neutral sodium hypochlorite, which is the salt of hypochlorous acid. Hypochlorous acid is a proven biocide.  Due to the way that Anolyte is made 75% + of the hypochlorite is present as hypochlorous acid. Hypochlorous acid has a higher oxidising potential than other chlorine species, such as chlorine dioxide, and should not be considered "normal chlorine".

Even though it is considered a “weak acid”, the Anolyte that is produced by the Aquadron is delivered at a neutral pH (6.8 – 7.2) thereby delivering high efficacy, in short contact times, without the caustics.

Anolyte, at residual levels of upto 5ppm in treated water, leaves no or minimal odour or chlorine taste, even at concentrations of 10ppm for swimming pools and spas it has a virtually undetectable odour.  Water treated with Anolyte will result in the elimination of scale and calcification of minerals on plumbing piping, plumbing fixtures, other equipment and their orifices. In treated water it prevents the formation of insoluble calcium and magnesium salts such as carbonates and chlorides (scale/calcification).

The Aquadron system and Anolyte can help you effectively and continuously manage pathogens in your water system. We are happy to provide more information and to discuss the benefits that the Aquadron and Anolyte can deliver for you.


Legionella are a group of water-borne, rod shaped bacteria that can cause Legionnaires disease, Pontiac Fever and Lochgoilhead fever. Around 90% of Legionnaires disease cases are caused by the species legionella pneumophila, however, there are at least 28 more species that are all human pathogens. Legionnaires disease is also called legionellosis or legionella-pneumonia and is a potentially fatal pneumonia. 

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Biofilm, Legionella and Pseudomonas

Biofilms are potentially a risk area for infections, because in general bacteria find biofilms an ideal breeding ground. Water treatment can only ever be fully successful if the treatment method used either reduces biofilm or prevents its build up. If you can take away the breeding ground for the micro-organisms on a continuous basis then you can increase the overall hygiene of the water. It is worth noting that Legionella does not form a primary biofilm, it colonises areas where a biofilm already exists.

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