AQUADRON - Winner in the BUILD magazine Facilities Management Awards 2016 - 

Best Disinfection System Supplier 2016 - UK

Award for Excellence in Heating and Cooling Systems - UK

Guaranteed Disinfection Solutions for Legionella Control and Improved Hygiene.

The Aquadron solution is a disinfection system that operates 24/7.

Aquadron creates a pH neutral disinfectant from brine that kills microbes (Legionella, Pseudomonas, E,Coli etc.) and the biofilms that support them throughout water systems in your buildings.

Aquadron can also be used in other areas, such as food preparation, surface cleaning and drinks production, especially in fillers and for faster turnaround in CIP.

Our clients get - 

  • Improved hygiene - highly effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi.     
  • Reduced energy and chemical use and reduced costs.
  • A safe system with no hazardous materials.   
  • Water treatment 24-hours a day.    
  • Treatment for hot, cold and process water.

The Aquadron provides disinfection at hundreds of sites, it provides it all of the time, with a cost-effective and non-hazardous biocide that is proven to remove pathogens and biofilm.

We provide effective, safe, cost effective disinfection for hundreds of clients:     +44 (0) 333 7720043