CoFlo, Commercial Heat Recovery Systems are a development of the highly successful Showersave system. designed to meet the demands, volumes and temperatures found in commercial and industrial environments such as hotels, hospitals, laundries, food and drink sectors.

Systems are bespoke and sharing Showersave's wonderfully simple system; the CoFlo is likely to have a rapid return on investment, and significantly reduces CO2 emissions of both existing and new projects.

CoFlo deliver a range of heat recovery systems to be used anywhere that warm or hot waste water is being discharged, e,g. heat recovery from industrial applications such as Food and Drink processing, where huge volumes of hot water are used for cooking, sterilisation and wash-down; Laundries are another example where significant volumes of expensively heated water are used and discharged to drain.

The CoFlo range of products offer low cost, maintenance free and scaleable solutions for the reduction of energy consumption in industrial, commercial and domestic applications. Our case studies and client feedback is testament to the quality of our products, customer service and after sales service. The CoFlo range is easy to retrofit or design into new build.

Our technical team has worked with many of the UK's leading builders, Sustainability Consultants and Architects, as such, we are suitably qualified to conduct energy efficiency calculations, expected payback periods and to offer guidance throughout the installation process.

The Heat Exchanges used in CoFlo and Showersave Multivert systems are approved in several European countries. 


ONEFLOW design and manufacture innovative Ultrasonic flow meters, delivering industry leading performance and useable hard data with a range of hand held and wall mounted flow meters.

The WM400 has been specifically developed and can be fully integrated into CoFlo to provide detailed information on both flow and heat energy recovered, providing the all important hard data you need to see on your sustainability projects. It can be incorporated into your Building or Process Management systems to show real time savings.

CoFlo Heat Recovery Systems, incorporating ONEFLOW flow and thermal monitoring with rapid returns on investment.

Designed to save you money, energy, reduce loading on boilers ... applications in wide range of commercial and industrial sectors. 

How CoFlo Works

CoFlo's unique design takes the waste water that typically flows directly to the drain during many commercial processes.

The CoFlo heat exchanger utilises an innovative flow system that swirls hot waste water and efficiently recovers heat energy to pre-heat clean water  before it reaches the boiler thus saving CO2, time and money.

At no point in the process does the clean water come into contact with the outgoing waste water, eliminating the risk of cross contamination.

Other applications include: heat recovery from shower in hotels, hospitals, swimming pools, sports facilities, apartment buildings and leisure parks.